Friday, August 15, 2008


My Pioneer Self

On the 17th, 18th, and 19th of this month I went on the Stake Trek. I loved it! Those who have gone before said that it was the hardest trek they had ever been on.. Most of our pulling was up hill on rocky terain! It felt very real to pioneer life, the girls had dresses and bonnets and the boys had cowboy hats and boots, but I bet then it was a lot harder. Everyone who went was assigned into a family. In my family I had: a Ma and Pa, three brothers, and one sister. My family didn't always stick together like we were suppose to.. Our Ma was injured so she stayed back aways and Pa stayed with her.. the children stayed together for the most part, well until all the boys went to go look for our parents and left me and Morgan, my sister, pulling the cart. It was hard.. Usually there are five to six people helping push and pull the cart. When those in charge saw that Morgan and I were alone, they went searching for our family.. when the family was found they got into trouble for leaving us.. But they did bring back flowers, and I really didn't mind that much. It rained just a little the first night, but other than that the weather was really good. Each night my sister Shaylie and I had to play our violins. We played "Come Come Ye Saints" the first night and "Praise to the Man" the second. On the first night after everyone was on their way to bed I stayed up and played my violin with Brother Wilkens who was playing his Accordine! I loved playing with him. This wasn't planned or anything, and we were both just sight reading, but I am wishing I get the chance again. At night the coyotes were singing to us. I have never heard that many coyotes before, the sound was soothing in a way. I was also part of the youth counsel for the trek, we planned games for each break during the trek and we were also in charge of getting the devotionals together. I only missed one thing the entire time I was treking.. and that was taking a shower. I felt so dirty and I just wanted to be clean. I hope I get the chance again to go treking!

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Pioneer Paint Ball

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