Friday, August 15, 2008

So the past week our cheer squad held a Mini Cheer Camp! It was four days long for Pre school-8th grade girls who wanted to do it. The girls learned cheers, spirit calls, and dances. Three Cheerleaders were assigned to each group and they had to make up the dance for that group. My group was pre-school!, it was so much fun! My niece Rilee Jade was in my class! Everytime I see one of my little pre-school girls now they wave at me and say, "Hi Teacher!" on the 4th of July I even had a little shadow following me around.. not saying anything, just following me! It was so funny! The little girls got to preform the dances they learned at the 3rd of July festivities and then they rode in the parade on the 4th! They will also get to ride in the parade on the 24th!

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