Friday, August 15, 2008

Rollin Down 'da Road

ok, ok, so my car has another great story to go down into the books.. so on May 22nd I went and got my hair done, in Richfield at Hair Razors. I drove over alone and my mom brought my sister. I was late so I pulled in sorta crazy, my mom said that I couldn't park there so she re parked my car. Okay- so I am getting my hair done, I have the cape on, and the foils in my hair... THEN a girl comes in all casual and said, "does any of you have a blue car?" then she followed with, "well it's rolling down the road!" I guess I sorta freaked.. well on the inside I did... I abruptly asked her if she knew what kind it was, she answered me like this,"well, it's just blue.." (I thought that is a typical girl). I ran to the door to look and sure enough my car was rolling down main street, in Richfield, stopping two lanes of traffic and a lane of traffic was driving really slow to watch I think.. Not knowing what else to do I chased after my car in my glamorous cape with my hair in foils (can you imagine?). Because my automatic door unlocked deally doesn't work I had to unlock my car manually, it's tough work while it is rolling down main street, but I finally got in! I threw the key into the ignition and turning the key...NO RESPONSE! I had a slight panic attack.. Well I sorta freaked! Just then I realized that my car was in drive still, my mom must have forgotten to put it in park when she parked it for me. I put my car into park, started it, drove it to the curb and parked it.. I ran inside of the hair salon and fast as I could without looking back afraid of all the people who had been stopped waiting for me to move my car that was rolling down main street.

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