Friday, August 15, 2008

The Relay for Life was held at the highschool on Friday. The cheer squad was sponsored to run booths, walk and to be entertainment to raise money for the cause! I love this sort of thing, giving back! I love the Relay for Life cause, ya see my grandma, RueLeen and my grandpa, Wendelle had cancer. They are both surivors and doing quite wonderfully! We met at six at night and stayed there till six in the morning! I only fell asleep for twenty minutes! Everyone walked a lot! There were people there that walked the entire night! The squad was split up into two hour shifts. I walked six miles and one lap in two hours.. not too bad I figure. At 2 in the morning we preformed for whoever was awake and wanted to watch... but I'll have to say that it wasn't the best preformance I've ever done! Did you know that the grass is already dewy at 2?! That makes stunting really hard! There were so many giving people there that night! I am just so-o amazed at all you do! THANK YOU!

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