Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm home from CHEER CAMP! I love cheer camp, but it is really the hardest camp I go to all year. We wake up early, go to breakfast at seven then we are on the field usually around seven fifty.. o yes, we are outside all day long! We learn dances, cheers, sidelines, fan frenzy, and stunts. At eleven we would go to lunch then be back on the field by twelve. We review all we had learned earlier and built on that. o! we also had a "Big Sister" a member of the UCA staff who help us and got us ready for the evaluations that every team had each night. There was an Evaluation on a cheer, the extreme ruetine and an evaluation on them put together! This year our squad.. both songleaders and cheerleaders did really well and we all got along great! I think we are going to be a really strong team this year! Everyone Get Ready!

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